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Wooden Treasures Super Set

Wooden Treasures Super Set

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Explore a varied set of beautiful wooden shapes inspired by nature and emotions. With seven organic colors, these treasures stimulate creativity, logic, coordination and fine motor skills. Create, count, classify and design patterns with them.

Includes cotton drawstring bag for storage .

Red = strength, energy, love

Orange = creativity, self-knowledge, transformation

Yellow = wisdom, learning, happiness

Green = physical healing, nature, care

Blue = emotional healing, calm, inner peace

Purple = spirituality

Brown = stability, comfort

- We do not bleach the wood before applying the color, which highlights the varied and fascinating characteristics of the natural material.

Supports the following learning areas:

- Physical development - motor skills

- Personal development - sensory and collaborative play

- Expressive arts and design - imaginative play

- Understanding the world: colors

- Mathematics: counting and classifying

- Mathematics: patterns


Size: 35-40mm approx. Contents: 30 x 14 treasures (10 in each shade). Includes cotton bag.

Age : Suitable from 3 years.

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