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Montessori Teepee Bed

Montessori Teepee Bed

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Step into a world of imagination with our Montessori Teepee Bed – a whimsical escape for your little dreamer. Crafted to resemble a cozy teepee, this bed brings the enchantment of camping indoors. The teepee frame adds a playful touch to bedtime, turning every night into a delightful adventure. Designed with both safety and creativity in mind, our Teepee Bed is the perfect haven for your child's dreams. Create a magical sleep space that sparks wonder and invites imaginative journeys into the night.

Need more… Discover the perfect solution to optimize your child's bedroom space with our under-Bed Trundle/Storage Drawer. Crafted with versatility in mind, this addition effortlessly slides beneath your child’s bed, providing a cleverly concealed space for an extra mattress, cozy bedding, or essential storage. Whether accommodating sleepovers or keeping the room tidy, this trundle/storage drawer is the epitome of functionality and style. Transform your child's sleep haven into an organized and inviting space with this essential Montessori accessory.

Mattresses are made from high quality polyurethane foam mattress with an additional layer of memory foam mattress.

Height: 12-13cm

Hardness: Soft H1


Storage Pocket (Pockets are only available by adding a Safety Rail)


Additional Information


70 x 140cm: H200cm, W149cm, D76cm

90 x 200cm: H200cm, W209cm, D96cm

Materials: Pine class 1

Includes: bed base, slatted bed base, necessary screws and plugs and instruction manual.

Notes for the Trundle/Drawer:

This addition will raise your bed 20cm, and includes all necessary materials and a Safety Rail. 

The mattress size for a trundle bed is 10 cm shorter and narrower than the bed size. Maximum mattress depth is 10cm.

Includes: Trundle/Drawer, safety barrier, washable mat, bed elevation, wheels, and slatted mattress support.

Some assembly required.

Green and Safe: Our Commitment to Sustainability

All Montessori Creativa products are thoughtfully designed with a commitment to eco-sustainability. Crafted from non-toxic materials, our products provide a safe and healthy environment for your child. Embrace the beauty of Montessori with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your purchase is contributing to a greener future. Nurture your child's dreams with an environment and toys that are not only delightful but also environmentally conscious. 

A Note About Customizations: Because each item is made-to-order with quality and craftsmanship in mind, any customizations may add some time to your expected delivery date. Please see our FAQ and Shipping Policy for more info.

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